Class Program

Translation Services


Spanish Institute offers the highest quality translation, interpretation and transcription services at competitive prices.



$62.50/250 words minimum or
$0.25 per word translated.
$150 per hour (2 hour minimum)



$180 per hour (2 hours minimum)
Please note: 1 hour of tape usually requires 3 hours of transcription.



$180 per hour (2 hours minimum)
Translations, revisions & transcriptions required in fewer than 5 business days receive a 25% surcharge.

Rates are slightly higher for technical material ($0.35 per word translated).
Fees are negotiable depending on the size of the translation.

For more information or to request translation services, please contact
Imelda Martinez at or (212) 628 0420.


El andaluz perdido, 1969
Técnica mixta sobre lienzo, 100x81cm, colección Pilar Citoler.
José Caballero